Repair or Replace? How to Know What Your Roof Needs

Determining whether to repair or replace your roof can be confusing. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether your roof needs repairing or replacing.

1. How bad is the damage?

As a general rule, minor damage to your roof (such as missing shingles) calls for repairs, while extensive damage (like large leaks) requires replacement. You don’t want to pay for a roof replacement if the fix is straightforward and easily fixed. But you also don’t want to fix and patch repeatedly before you realize it would have been cheaper or easier to replace the entire roof. Weigh the extent of the damage and get a professional to weigh in before you decide one way or another.

2. How old is the roof?

Although you can’t tell a roof’s age simply by looking at it, you may be able to see some signs of wear and tear such as curling or cracked shingles, discoloration, and moss growth. If you notice any of these signs or if your roof is older than 20 years, you should definitely get it replaced.

3. What caused the damage?

If a hurricane blows through and rips some flashing off, the damage would be considered minor and fairly easily repaired. If termites, on the other hand, eat away at the wood in your roof, this causes your roof to be incredibly unstable. In this case, repairing a termite-infested roof wouldn’t be wise because A. the termites need to be eradicated and B. you should never mix good materials with inferior ones.

When in doubt, get a professional to check it out! A roofing expert can assess your roof from an experienced standpoint and help you decide whether it’s in need of repair or replacement.