Why Winter is the Best Time to Organize the Attic

When you think of sprucing up your home, you probably think of spring. However, if you’re thinking of tackling your attic, winter is the best time to do so. Here’s why.

1. Organize while you’re up there!

Due to how difficult it is to access, most people only go up to their attic a couple of times each year. This makes winter a great time to organize this space! Because if you’re already heading up to your attic to bring down holiday decor, you might as well organize it while you’re at it and check two things off your to-do list!

2. Cooler temps = less miserable attic organizing

You’ll be more inclined to organize your attic if it’s a comfortable temperature. Since attics are typically hot in the spring and summer months, it makes sense to clean and organize your attic during the winter when it’s cooler!

3. Use the winter season as a natural motivation

Winter marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. So why not use that “fresh start” mentality as a natural motivation to get your attic organized? Get the whole family involved! Instead of being bored, use the cold weather as an opportunity to clean and organize spaces indoors, including your attic!