Repair or Replace? How to Know What Your Roof Needs

Determining whether to repair or replace your roof can be confusing. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether your roof needs repairing or replacing. 1. How bad is the damage? As a general rule, minor damage to your roof (such as missing shingles) calls for repairs, while extensive damage […]

Why Winter is the Best Time to Organize the Attic

When you think of sprucing up your home, you probably think of spring. However, if you’re thinking of tackling your attic, winter is the best time to do so. Here’s why. 1. Organize while you’re up there! Due to how difficult it is to access, most people only go up to their attic a couple […]

How to Hang Christmas Lights Like a Pro

Who’s ready to decorate for the holidays? Check out these helpful tips for staying safe this season as you hang your outdoor lights. 1. Use a ladder. When you go to hang Christmas lights, don’t use chairs, coolers, or anything else to stand on other than a ladder. The ground is more uneven than your […]

How To Protect Your Roof From Winter Weather Damage

Generally, the roof of your home is strong and capable of handling anything that winter throws at it, but only if you look after it well! Here are a few ways you can protect your roof to ensure it stays free of winter weather damage. 1. Check for cracks and weak spots. While small cracks […]

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Homeowners, don’t let cold weather sneak up on you! Prepare your roof for winter weather using this handy checklist. 1. Repair damages If your roof is in need of any repairs, now is the time to do them. Check shingles, gutters, flashing, and past patches. (Wear and tear can make weak areas deteriorate again.) Making […]

5 Ways to Know For Sure You Need a New Roof

Roofing materials are designed to last, but over time, even the strongest roof can deteriorate. So keep an eye out for these 5 warning signs signaling your need for a new roof. 1. Beat up/missing shingles If your shingles are looking worse for wear, you know it’s time for a new roof. When shingles start […]

Clean Out Your Gutters Like The Pros!

Cleaning gutters is not the most glamorous job, but it is essential for proper roof drainage and leak prevention. Here are some tips for cleaning your gutters like a professional. 1. Use the right tools Grabbing the nearest stick and poking it around in your gutters isn’t a smart or effective way to clean them. […]

How Does Getting a New Roof Affect My Home Insurance?

Have you ever hesitated to get your roof replaced, not because of how much the roof itself costs but because you were concerned that it would raise your home insurance premium? The truth is, a new roof can actually save you money on home insurance! Here’s how. The potential discounts Typically, insurance companies will reduce […]

The Risks of Putting off Roof Repairs

While roof repairs can be inconvenient, procrastinating them can cause even more problems. Many people mistakenly assume minimal roof damage doesn’t have to be repaired right away. However, homeowners need to understand that not repairing roof damage immediately can present multiple, sometimes “invisible” risks. Compromised structure Your roof is meant to protect your home. So […]

How to Get Insurance to Pay for a New Roof

The best time to prepare for roof damage is before it happens. Some roof replacements will be covered by insurance, others won’t. But the better you understand what your insurance company requires, the greater your chances are of getting them to pay for a new roof! Gather proof Did your roof get damaged during a […]

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