Clean Out Your Gutters Like The Pros!


Cleaning gutters is not the most glamorous job, but it is essential for proper roof drainage and leak prevention. Here are some tips for cleaning your gutters like a professional. 1. Use the right tools Grabbing the nearest stick and poking it around in your gutters isn’t a smart or effective way to clean them. […]

How to Make Your Roof More Energy-Efficient


Making your roof energy-efficient usually involves making adjustments to the temperature of the roof. A cool roof is more energy efficient than a hot roof because it lowers the amount of energy you are using to keep your home cool. The benefits of energy-efficient roof Energy-efficient or “cool” roofs benefit their occupants as well as […]

3 Tips on the Best Way to Clean Gutters

Your gutters require a thorough cleaning at least two times a year, as any build-up that isn’t cleaned off from your roof can easily lead to rotting and decay that may cause leaks or damages to your property. Cleaning gutters is a main thing of roofing maintenance service procedure. If you’re thinking of a do-it-yourself gutter […]

But What DOES Insurance Cover?

roof insurance claim proces

Insurance is complicated. Always make sure to double check and confirm what your policy is. That said, will an insurance company pay for you to get your roof repaired or replaced? Most insurance companies will pay for a professional company to repair the roof if the repairs prevent your roof from further damage to your […]