How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

winter commercial roofing service

Homeowners, don’t let cold weather sneak up on you! Prepare your roof for winter weather using this handy checklist.

1. Repair damages

If your roof is in need of any repairs, now is the time to do them. Check shingles, gutters, flashing, and past patches. (Wear and tear can make weak areas deteriorate again.) Making the necessary repairs now will give you peace of mind during winter months that your roof is in top shape and able to handle the change of season.

2. Clean gutters

As you prepare your roof for winter, be sure to clear out gutters of any leaves, sticks, and debris. When ice melts, it needs a clear pathway off your roof! Keeping your gutters clean will also prevent mold growth, rust, and leaks.

3. Anticipate roofing hazards

In order for your roof to serve you well throughout the winter months, it’s best to anticipate what could go wrong. For example, winter wind and ice/snow accrual could cause overhanging branches to break and fall on your roof, so be sure to trim and chop those off. You may also need to add a sealant, to protect the roof from winter precipitation. Be sure to also add insulation to your attic if it needs it, to prevent ice from forming and to ensure that your home stays warm.

Is your roof winter-ready? If not, call a roofing expert today!