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A damaged roof is a stressful thing. Any structural issues in the home bring their own set of unique difficulties, but the roof is in a league of its own. Roof inspection is essential to determine the extent of what needs repairing, and to find out how quickly the job can be done. 

When it comes to roof repair, Birmingham Al has some excellent contractors. Calling in experts allow the task to get completed in a time and cost-effective manner.

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We have added a “repairs only” crew to our business! For everyone who doesn’t necessarily need their whole roof replaced, those who don’t want the expense of replacing an entire roof, etc. now you can get your roof fixed. Our financing program can cover repairs 100% just like the 100% financing offered on new roofs. Plus, Blue Angels Roofing repair most types of roofing! Give us a call today to get your free new roof or roof repair estimate 🙂

The Most Common Types of Roof Damage

Many circumstances can lead to damage, most of which falls into one of the following categories:


A leaking roof can happen because of many factors and is the most common form of damage. Possible causes include cracked flashing, loose or broken tiles exposing weak spots, or gradual wear and tear.

Cracked Shingles

Alabama heat can cause all kinds of trouble for your roof, cracked shingles being one of the most common. Cracking and blistering are more likely to happen on a flat-surfaced roof. It develops gradually over time, so it’s worth getting annual checkups to pre-empt anything significant.

Poor installation

So many roofing issues are a direct result of poor craftsmanship during the installation process. Loose fittings, too much layering, and inconsistent nailing are just some of the possible problems.

Blocked or Damaged Gutters

This type of repair is generally a little easier to fix but is still a nuisance. It might seem insignificant, but failure to repair or maintain your gutters can lead to more extensive headaches further down the line.

What Is Considered an Emergency Roof Repair?

Overall, a roofing emergency is anything posing an immediate danger or that is rendering your home unlivable. In these situations, you must contact a high-quality repair contractor to conduct an immediate roof inspection. They can tell you the best course of action and help get the situation under control as soon as possible. In Blue Angles Roofing we are prepared for this kind of matters and have years of backed experience.

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daily roofing emergency situations we deal with


A fallen tree currently resting on your roof can move or fall down at any time


Excessive leaking to the point it cannot be controlled or contained


If you find rotting, this is urgent and could be compromising the integrity of the entire roof


A collapsed roof, or any time when a large portion of the coverage is missing

The Importance of Fast Action

Emergency or not, any roof damage should be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Calling in a Birmingham roof inspection expert as soon as possible can reduce safety risks and final costs. As the famous saying goes, as long as you have a roof over your head, everything is ok, so don’t waste time before resolving any issues.


We can answer all your roofing problems

The important thing is that you give yourself time to prepare and don’t rush in. If there is no urgent rush and you have the luxury to choose, try to aim for spring when the weather is mild.

That really depends on the extent of the damage. Small issues can be replaced easily enough without redoing the entire thing, but if the damage is widespread, it may be time to bite the bullet. Repeated repairs can end up costing more in the long run if your roof is old.

The first step is choosing a reliable Birmingham roof repair contractor to carry out the job. An assessment of the damage is carried out, a quote given, and materials prepared. After the job is done, thorough inspections are made, and the finished work is signed off.