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It is very common for some form of roof repair to occur to a roofing system throughout its life-cycle. The need for roof repair in the Birmingham area typically stems from four primary factors: the quality of the initial materials used, the quality of workmanship at the time of installation, the amount of maintenance performed on a roof throughout its life, and the natural elements that the roofing system endures.

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Oftentimes, Blue Angels Roofing can extend the useful life of a roof through simple repair. Other times, more complex roofing repairs are required due to room or structure additions- such as AC roof penetrations. These roof repairs, in most cases, require the removal of damaged materials, location of a leak or weak point in the structure and reinstallation of new materials that tie into the existing roof.

In conclusion, there is a significant difference between truly repairing the leak and glazing it over with a can of mastic. At Blue Angels Roofing, we do not skip corners when it comes to repairs. Unlike many other roofing companies in birmingham al, we won’t even offer you a repair option if we don’t truly believe your roofing system has life left in it and that we can fix the problem.

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Blue Angels Roof Repair

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We have added a “repairs only” crew to our business! For everyone who doesn’t necessarily need their whole roof replaced, those who don’t want the expense of replacing an entire roof, etc. now you can get your roof fixed. Our financing program will cover repairs 100% just like the 100% financing offered on new roofs. Plus, we repair all types of roofing not just metal! Give us a call today to get your free new roof or roof repair estimate 🙂