Roof maintenance, also know as a roof tune-up, is required by almost every major roofing manufacturer in order to maintain a roofing system warranty. Though maintenance costs are typically the second largest expense for a building owner, if done regularly in a proactive manner, these tune-ups will drastically extend the life of a roofing system and save the property owner significantly in the long run. While some roofing systems require more maintenance than others, it is generally recognized as good practice to perform an annual maintenance on a roof. A typical roof tune-up includes removal of all debris from the roof, drains and gutters, caulking and resealing of all roof penetrations, repainting of roof flashings to protect from UV and in some cases hosing down the roof itself. Though it seems like such a simple task for a building owner, it is surprising to us how often building professionals ignore roof maintenance in the Birmingham areas, placing them in a much more costly and reactive position when problems occur. Don’t make this costly mistake, let Blue Angels Roofing put together an effective roof maintenance program to meet your budget and needs.

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