Why is My Roof Creaking?

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Creaky roof keeping you awake at night? There’s a logical explanation for that.

When we think of creaky roofs, we tend to associate them with ghosts and haunted houses. However, there are several non-creepy reasons your roof might be creaking.

Wind disturbing your roof

If your roof is making a “whooshing” sound followed by a creaking, wind is probably to blame. Sometimes older homes in particular have this problem, and all that is really needed is some extra support beams to secure the structure of your attic. There are also particular vents you can install that can help with a wind-creaking problem. Get a roofing professional to take a look at your roof to see which solution would work best for your home.

Change in temperature

When you hear creaking noises coming from your attic at night only, it is most likely due to the change in temperature. Since evening temperatures are typically cooler than daytime temperatures, they cause the wood in our attics to slightly tighten. During the day, as the temperatures rise, the wood “relaxes” again. Don’t worry, this slight, practically unnoticeable shift does not put you or your home in any danger. It’s simply the materials your home is made of responding to the changes in temperature.

Sometimes using spray foam insulation can help balance the temperature inside your attic and lessen the noise, but again, it’s a good idea to have a roofing professional check out your attic to make sure this is actually what is causing the creaking.

We know how annoying creaky roofs can be! Let Blue Angels Roofing help you nail down what is causing your roof to creak and fix it for you. Whether there are shingles missing or there’s simply not enough insulation—no problem is too small or too large for us. Get in touch with us to get started!