Blue Angels Roofing has maintained, repaired and re-roofed home owners association and condominium properties all across the Birmingham area. As a proud member of the HOA and multifamily assosiations, we cultivate long-standing relationships with the communities and property management companies in which we service. Throughout the years we have established a very professional and systematic approach to managing our HOA clients’ roofing assets.

A roofing system, in particular an association’s roof, is a long-term investment and thus should be managed accordingly. More often than not, a Property Management team has provided the HOA Board members with a long term evaluation and reserve study, which forecasts the estimated maintenance, repair and replacement costs down the road for the association. The longer Blue Angels Roofing can prevent unnecessary repairs and costs, the more reserves can be earmarked for other association needs such as painting, landscaping, and other property upgrades.

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