It is very common for some form of roof repair to occur to a roofing system throughout its life-cycle. The need for roof repair in the Birmingham area typically stems from four primary factors; the quality of the materials initially used, the quality of workmanship at the time of installation, the amount of maintenance performed on a roof throughout its life and the natural elements that the roofing system endures. Often times Blue Angels Roofing can extend the useful life of a roof through simple repair. Other times, more complex roofing repairs are required due to additions to a structure such as AC roof penetrations, or room additions being added. These roof repairs, in most cases, require the removal of damaged materials, location of a leak or weak point in the structure and reinstallation of new materials which tie in to the existing roof. There is a significant difference between truly repairing the leak and glazing it over with a can of mastic. At Blue Angels Roofing, we do not skip corners when it comes to repairs. Unlike many other roofers in the Birmingham area, we won’t even offer you a repair option if we don’t truly believe your roofing system has life left in it and we can fix the problem.