How to Hang Christmas Lights Like a Pro

roof lights

Who’s ready to decorate for the holidays? Check out these helpful tips for staying safe this season as you hang your outdoor lights.

1. Use a ladder.

When you go to hang Christmas lights, don’t use chairs, coolers, or anything else to stand on other than a ladder. The ground is more uneven than your indoor flooring, so even something that typically holds your weight may be a precarious place to perch outside. Grab a sturdy ladder instead, and make sure it is opened and locked securely into position before you put your weight on it.

2. Need a hand?

If possible, don’t hang Christmas lights by yourself. Get a friend, neighbor, or family member to help you. This way, when the light strand gets caught on your porch light, you won’t have to play “un-lasso the light” while trying to maintain your balance.

3. Watch the weather

Don’t try hanging Christmas lights when it’s raining or snowing. Precipitation and electricity don’t mix, plus, you could slip and fall on the wet ladder.

4. Hang first, then plug in

String the lights up, re-arrange if necessary, then plug them in. While it’s tempting to check and see how your work looks mid-process, lights do get slightly hot and are more difficult/dangerous to hang when they’re on.

5. Use outdoor-friendly lights

Some Christmas lights are for indoor-only use, so double check the lights are water-proofed and approved for outdoor use before you hang them outdoors and expose them to heat, rain, etc.