Is Your Roof Overweight?

All roofs have a maximum weight limit. There’s a lot of things to consider about your roof’s weight and how that affects the rest of your home.


First, you need to understand your current roof system.

What you need to ask is:

  • How many layers of roofing do you have?
  • What kind of materials were used?
  • How old is your roof?
  • What’s the base of your roof? Plywood? Closely fitted dimensional lumber? And how’s it doing?


Once you know these things, you can begin estimating your roof weight. If you don’t know how to measure roof weight, consider calling a certified roofing company in your area for inspection.

Affect On The Roof Structure

Structures weaken with age. Weathering, time, moisture, temperature— all these things take a toll on the structure. As a home ages, its foundation loses strength. Reducing the overall pressure on the home through a lower weight roof can be very helpful for restoring older structures.

Sometimes you’re going to be considering what’s best for your home, and whether it needs to be removed or not. It depends on the type of roof and the one you’re installing, but it may be necessary to remove the old roof. Codes usually dictate the limit at two layers.

How About Metal Roofing?

However, metal roofs are extremely light and can be installed over existing shingle roofs. While you can install them over shingle layers without violating building code, you shouldn’t. We suggest a consultation before proceeding.

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The Problems With Overweight Roof

1. Roof weight can affect your home value. Getting rid of old materials is pretty pricey. Adding weight to your roof can detract value from your home. Choosing a long-term and low-weight roof can increase your home’s value because wannabe homeowners will be looking at costs that will come with the home.

2. Roof weight can affect your home’s energy efficiency. The more mass held by a roof system, the harder it is for the heat to enter the attic. This is important to think about during those hot Alabama summers.

3. And finally, roof weight can affect security. A heavier roof is prone to cave-in. They require more sealant to hold them together and keep them strong against the weather.

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