Roofing Contract 101

After thorough research, you’ve narrowed it down to a handful of local roofers. After comparing prices and timelines, you made your choice (hopefully with us!). Here are some things to think about before signing your contract:

  1. Make sure the contract has ALL the details.

Here’s what to look for:

  • The number of layers that need to be stripped. (Roof layers can vary from just one to three, but it all makes a difference in cost.)
  • Ice and water shields in the valleys. The valleys are the areas where two roof planes meet and need to be properly sealed to ensure water doesn’t leak through. The contract should state information about the type your roofer will use.
  • Type of underlayment used. Make sure it’s not synthetic underlayments, as these can trap moisture and lead to mold or rot.
  • Installation of drip or metal edge.
  • New flashing installation.
  • Number of nails used. Should use at least four, but sometimes six.
  • Shingle type and brand.
  1. Confirm the schedule. Just make sure your roofer is transparent with you about changes and steps they’re taking. Weather can cause work to fluctuate greatly.
  2. Confirm the right to terminate or rescind. The right to terminate window is usually about 48 hours, but it varies between roofers. Additionally, consider what happens after the window. Roofers may charge or hold your deposit.
  3. Read over the payment terms as outlined by your roofer.
  4. Confirm how your roofer will protect your property.
  • A roofer should assess the property’s condition and highlight sensitive areas.
  • A roofer needs to use stabilizers and ladders to protect your home. They should not strip more than they need to, and if they leave a gaping hole open, they need to cover the area before leaving for the day.
  • A roofer needs to clean up after a job.
  1. Study warranties.
  • Workmanship warranty: usually discusses customer satisfaction with work quality.
  • Supplier warranties: warranties by the suppliers of the products the roofer will be using on your home.

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