7 Summer Roofing Tips from Blue Angels Roofing


Summer is a busy time of the year for your roof as it protects your home from storms and keeps your home cool through the summer heat!

Check out the info below to to help make this summer a breeze for your roof.

7 Summer Roofing Tips 

1. Check seals, flashing, particularly around vents/vent pipes, and skylights. Re-seal if necessary.

2. Inspect shingles to make sure they are all secured properly and that there aren’t any missing. Make sure you replace any that are absent, damaged or old.

3. Look for signs of pests including foul odors, nests, holes, and feces. Contact a professional to handle the pests themselves and get weak spots in your roof patched to prevent animals from getting into your home in the future.

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4. If you have branches that extend over your roof, trim them so that summer storms don’t send them through your roof.

5. Clean your gutters and downspouts thoroughly. Be sure to clear them of all leaves and twigs so that rain water can run unobstructed through them.

6. Check for mold, stains, leaks—anything that indicates there has been water damage and get it repaired immediately.

7. Test exhaust fans to make sure they are in working order.

If you check your roof at the beginning of the summer and periodically throughout, you should be able to catch any problems soon enough to get them repaired in a timely manner. Whenever you come across a problem too big to DIY, don’t worry — Blue Angels Roofing is standing by to help you with all your summer roofing needs. Contact us anytime!