Repair or Replace? How to Know What Your Roof Needs

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Determining whether to replace or repair your roof can be confusing. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether your roof needs replacing or repairing. 1. How old is the roof? Although you can’t tell a roof’s age simply by looking at it, you may be able to see some […]

The Risks of Putting off Roof Repairs


While roof repairs can be inconvenient, procrastinating them can cause even more problems. Many people mistakenly assume minimal roof damage doesn’t have to be repaired right away. However, homeowners need to understand that not repairing roof damage immediately can present multiple, sometimes “invisible” risks. Increased roof repair cost The longer you put off roof repairs, […]

Repair, Replace, Repair, Replace: What To Do With Your Roof

One day, you’re looking at your roof, and you notice something wrong with it. Or maybe you don’t notice anything at all, it’s just that very recently, a huge storm came through town, and you’re concerned it did some damage to your castle. Or maybe your roof is simply getting old. So what do you […]

Tile Roofing Damage – Silent but Deadly

If you have a tiled roof, chances are it’s pretty durable. While we recommend hiring a professional from Blue Angels Roofing, there are a couple of ways the average homeowner can check and then follow-up with a pro. Shifted tiles always need to be replaced. If you see a tile that’s misaligned, it’s time to […]