Tile Roofing Damage – Silent but Deadly

If you have a tiled roof, chances are it’s pretty durable. While we recommend hiring a professional from Blue Angels Roofing, there are a couple of ways the average homeowner can check and then follow-up with a pro.

Shifted tiles always need to be replaced.

If you see a tile that’s misaligned, it’s time to get it replaced. Shifting signals that the fastening system has probably shifted too, which can lead to all sorts of problems for tiles in that area. Additionally, it could lead to leaks in your roof.

The 25% Roofing Rule

The 25% rule is the amount of repair allowed during a one year timeframe— no more than 25% of the roof can be replaced in 12 months. If more than 25% of the roof needs replacement, the entire roof must be replaced.

After particularly heavy storms

Tiles can survive pummeling from rain, but they are vulnerable to strong winds because they can be lifted up out of their original position, causing them to shift. This can lead to problems later down the line if not inspected and maintained.

If you’re comfortable around your roof, it’s awesome if you can do inspections yourself. However, we always always ALWAYS recommend getting a professional to check it out. Blue Angels Roofing is the preferred roofing repair company in Birmingham, covering Cahaba Heights, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Irondale, and Vestavia. We do both residential and commercial complexes, according to HOA guidelines. Courtesy, efficiency, and safety are our team’s top priorities, and it’s not finished job until the customer is truly satisfied. We take a lot of pride in making sure your home is in tip-top shape for you.